Media and Publications

Below are a list of publications and media articles, both ones i have written, or been quoted in.

Storr, R (2019)  Elite sport is being as a platform to target the trans community. The Conversation . 19th March 2018,. Available at: <>

Storr, R (2018)  Israel Folau’s comments remind us homophobia and transphobia are ever present in Australian sport. The Conversation . 19th April 2018,. Available at: <>

Parry KD, Kavanagh EJ & Storr R (2018) Why sport hasn’t made much progress on LGBTI+ rights since the Sochi Olympics. The Conversation. 19th February 2019.  Available at:

Storr, R., & Symons, C. (2018) “The Gay Games are still relevant. Here’s why”. The Conversation. Available at:

Storr, R. (2018) “Israel Folau’s comments hurt LGBT people, but sport can be a platform for good” 10th May 2018. Opinion Piece for the Guardian. Available at:

Play by the Rules National Diversity and Inclusion conference – presentation on LGBT+ inclusion in Victorian cricket –

Comments on homophbia in cricket in the SMH –

Comments on inclusion in tennis and Margaret Court in the New York Times –

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