space to share ideas and my work on LGBT+ Inclusion in sport, physical activity, health and wellbeing

Hello and welcome to my online space. I am Dr Ryan Storr and I’m a lecturer and researcher based at Western Sydney University in Sydney, Australia. I have spent the past five yers researching LGBT+ inclusion in sport and physical activity contexts. I have worked in the sport and lesiure sectors since the age of 16, in the UK, Australia, and Zambia. I have written for range of publications, and had my research and commentary featured in a range of media outlets both in Australia and across the globe. My aim is to share knowledge and disseminate some of my findings to enhance the health and wellbeing of LGBT+ people, through the use of sport and physical activity, I am a lecturer and researcher at Western Sydney University currently, in Sydney Australia. I also co-founded the charity Proud 2 Play, which seeks to promote LGBT+ inclusion within the sport and leisure sector in Australia.

I set up this space to house and disseminate some of my research and advocacy work, media engagements, and writing, in promoting physical activity and sport within LGBT+ communities.